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Elon Musk: Women, children, affairs - the turbulent life of the Tesla boss

In addition to his impressive career, Elon Musk has only known a life of superlatives in his private life. His friends include Hollywood stars and pop singers. He has six children by two women and has been divorced several times. There is not any? Yes, with Elon Musk it is.

It blows everything that has gone before. Elon Musk not only revolutionized the automotive industry, but even extended his feelers into space. Nothing seems too big for the 49-year-old, nothing out of reach. He was bullied when he was at school, today he is the doer who scares others.

Talulah Riley: Elon Musk probably had the most unusual relationship with her. (Source: imago images / ZUMA Press)

And how does this successful person tick privately? One thing is certain, the native South African is not an ordinary life. In his 49 years, the businessman was already accompanied by quite a few women. The first important partner for Musk was Justine Wilson. The fantasy writer also shied away from the public eye at the side of her famous husband. There are almost no photos of the couple.

Justine Wilson, the first wife

Justine Wilson, later Musk, had five children with the Tesla founder. Twins and triplets, all five are boys. In 2004 the twins Xavier and Griffin were born, followed in 2006 by the trio Damian, Saxon and Kai. In 2002 their first son Nevada Alexander was born. However, he died only ten weeks after he was born.

Marriage, divorce, marriage, divorce ...

The couple divorced and on September 25, 2010, Musk remarried. British actress Talulah Riley became the new woman at his side. But the divorce was not long in coming and took place in early 2012. Apparently, neither of them were happy with this (decision) divorce. The couple remarried in July 2013.

Musk and Riley looked happy and, unlike Justine, liked to be together on the red carpet. But on December 31, 2014 it was over again. Musk filed for divorce a second time. In 2015 they made up their minds and reversed the divorce again. But only until 2016, when Riley finally filed for divorce.

Hollywood star and pop singer

In 2017, Musk dated actress Amber Heard for several months. There are no joint photos of the two.

Musk has been awarded again since 2018. The singer Grimes is now the woman at his side. Elon Musk recently had his sixth child, another son, with the Canadian. The child's name in particular caused a sensation. X Æ A-12 became the new name X Æ A-Xii, since according to Californian law the usual number is not allowed, but the Roman one is.